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Algorithmic/Automatic Differentiation – Part 1: Forward Mode

In this post, I’ll explain the basics of algorithmic differentiation (AD), a.k.a. automatic differentiation, which is a technique for programmatically evaluating derivatives of mathematical functions. Advertisements

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Sigma-Algebras and Filtrations in Probability Theory – Part 1

The concept of a sigma-algebra (a.k.a. a σ-algebra, sigma-field or σ-field) lies at the heart of measure theory, and therefore at the heart of axiomatic probability theory, and the related concept of a filtration is fundamental in the study of stochastic processes. However, many people studying probability have an … Continue reading

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In CSS, “px” is not an angular measurement and it is not non-linear

There’s a wild meme on the loose. A significant number of people seem to have decided that “px” in CSS is an angular unit rather than a unit of length, and moreover that it is in some sense “non-linear”. This … Continue reading

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Everything you Never Wanted to Know about WinSxS

I created this blog in order to post this article about WinSxS. It is based on my own reading of the docs and some experimentation. It does not represent the views of Microsoft or my employer. WinSxS is not as … Continue reading

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