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Algorithmic/Automatic Differentiation – Part 1: Forward Mode

In this post, I’ll explain the basics of algorithmic differentiation (AD), a.k.a. automatic differentiation, which is a technique for programmatically evaluating derivatives of mathematical functions. Advertisements

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Sigma-Algebras and Filtrations in Probability Theory – Part 1

The concept of a sigma-algebra (a.k.a. a σ-algebra, sigma-field or σ-field) lies at the heart of measure theory, and therefore at the heart of axiomatic probability theory, and the related concept of a filtration is fundamental in the study of stochastic processes. However, many people studying probability have an … Continue reading

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In CSS, “px” is not an angular measurement and it is not non-linear

There’s a wild meme on the loose. A significant number of people seem to have decided that “px” in CSS is an angular unit rather than a unit of length, and moreover that it is in some sense “non-linear”. This … Continue reading

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